Yatri Motorcycles aims to reinvent individual mobility.

By combining cutting edge technology with modern aesthetics, Yatri is designing electric motorcycles that will provide commuters with a premium riding experience while eliminating pollution in the urban landscape.
Yatri Motorcycles was founded in December 2017 with an aim to design, engineer and manufacture green mobility solutions to transform the urban landscape.

We at Yatri care deeply about the environment we live in and believe that clean individual mobility is an important piece in solving the problem of urban air pollution. We also believe that good design is critical in defining the public awareness of electric mobility since our goal is larger than catering solely to environmentalists. We aim to cater to those who ultimately care about owning an inspiring product.
Ashim Pandey
Batsal Pandey
Business Development
Amulya Bogati
Mechanical Engineer
Kanishka Suwal
Mechanical Engineer
Ashesh Shrestha
Mechanical Engineer
Krishna Shrestha
Electrical & Electronics Engineer
Sulav Shrestha
Embedded Systems Engineer
We are always on the lookout for talented people so if you share our vision and have skills you can offer, head on to the careers page to get in touch!